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I have returned from VMworld 2017


So my first experience attending VMworld and visiting Las Vegas was more than I could have imagined!  These hotels are massive!  It was nearly a 15 minute walk from my hotel room to the conference location, and it was in the same hotel!  Let’s just say I got my Fitbit steps in before lunch each day…

I absolutely enjoyed each and every aspect from meeting new people in the virtual community, to spending time hearing about vendor products, to listening to some amazing and inspirational sessions.  One session impressed me the most.  I saw a Cohesity demo where Rawlinson Rivera deleted and entire VMware data center and restored it in a matter of minutes.  We are talking about the entire data center, VMs and all!  I was amazed!

The magnitude of this conference is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  There was about 25,000 people in attendance.  The took over the entire Mandalay Bay conference center, and had events at 2 separate arenas.  VMware put on an excellent conference.  Now, while I was there for a week, my only complaint was that there was not enough time to do everything I wanted to do.  Overall, I had an amazing time and look forward to the next time I can attend!

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