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VMUG Leader Summit 2017

As a new VMUG Leader I was able to travel to VMware Headquarters and participate in the VMUG Leader Summit.  This was a new experience for me.  This summit is designed to give VMUG leaders transparency to the VMUG program, provide helpful information for VMUG meetings, and is a fantastic networking opportunity.

This one and a half day event opened so many doors and allowed me to see that the VMUG community is far more than just an event planning organization.  VMUG Leaders from across the world shared ideas on best practices to increase membership, obtain funds from sponsors to hold events, and general leadership practices.  The best part was that all this took place at VMware!

We had an opportunity to hear from VMware Leadership and Engineers on what’s coming.  I am passionate about VMware and truly excited on their ideas on how they are shaping the future of IT.  Becoming a VMUG Leader has been a great way to learn, share, and grow my career.

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