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So 2020 has been one of those years that you wish could just go away.  However, 2020 for me has been one of those career defining moments.  This year I had the privilege of being interviewed by VMware, Nutanix, and Toggle (an online CIO Tech magazine). 

VMware reached out to me in early January 2020 to use me and my role with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in a white paper to be featured on VMware’s customer success website.   This was the first time in my career that anyone has asked about my role in technology to be featured in any medium, let alone a large corporation such as VMware!  While I was nervous at first, I believe the white paper article came out very well. (More on that later)….

Then COVID-19 hit.  Not much to say on that as it affected everyone, everywhere.

Fast forward to August 2020.  I’m back in the office and working on numerous projects, while strategizing on the future of law enforcement related tech.  I get a call again from VMware.  They want to expand on that white paper and do a video interview.  While I was honored that they wanted to feature the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and the things I have done, we are still living in a world with COVID, and non-essential travel isn’t really allowed.  How would VMware have have a video crew onsite to film and produce the story?  iPhones, that how!  VMware shipped out a kit so that we could record the interview with our phones, then provide them the video footage to be produced.  This was a first for VMware, and the first time I would be interviewed on camera.  I was amazed how well it turned out!  We shot our own B-Roll footage along with the interview and sent them the files over dropbox.  This was a fun and creative project for me and my team that we all really enjoyed!

Well, we are both VMware and Nutanix customers and I guess Nutanix didn’t want to be left out.  Literally that same week, Nutanix reached out wanting to do an online article on me and the Sheriff’s Office as well.  Having just agreed to do the VMware interview, I was up for the challenge and was honored that Nutanix wanted to feature me as well.  This article featured me, my career path, and the tech that I brought into the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.  I really enjoyed this interview and article as I feel it was a true representation of me and all the hard work I have done over my career.  Thank you Nutanix for thinking of me and the sheriff’s office.

From Desktop Computing to Autonomous Enterprise Environment with Nutanix

OK, talk about a busy week.  That same week Toggle also reached out me.  I had never heard of Toggle and was skeptical at first.  However, doing a bit of research, and reading some of their articles, I also agreed to be featured in their online magazine.  This article also focused on my career and some of the tech I brought to the sheriff’s office.  Again, this feature article was terrific!

Toggle Magazine – Case Study – Daniel Caban – Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

All the articles have been featured on my LinkedIn page and have been viewed 1000’s of times by my LinkedIn network.  This is truly one of the best honors I’ve had as my name in out there in the tech community now.  Thank you VMware, Nutanix, and Toggle for reaching out to me to tell my story and feature me, my career, and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office!

LinkedIn – Daniel Caban

One more thing… VMware also reached out to me to get additional details on my white paper featuring the tech the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office uses.  Apparently VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger was going to use that white paper to win over another law enforcement agency.  Reach out to me anytime Pat! 😉

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