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Inspiring Voices Interview

I had the privilege and honor to be interviewed by Brad Tompkins of VMUG this past year. The interview was primary about my career journey and how VMUG has allowed me to grow professionally. This interview was a highlight of my 2021 year!

I’ll admit, I am a bit nervous when it comes to public speaking and being on camera. I was reluctant to participate at first, but knew that if I wanted to continue to grow professionally, I would need to be involved in opportunities like this. So I accepted VMUGs invitation and flew to Nashville, TN for filming.

In preparation, I was given some sample questions and began thinking to myself how I would answer these questions. This preparation helped me become at ease once filming began. Brad asked many of the questions I had prepared for, but I was put on the “spot” for follow on questions. Luckily I am confident enough in my career, that I was able to easily answer those follow on questions. The interview went quickly and was done in a single shot, until there was some background noise at the end. I had to do a second take for that last question and in all it was a quick 20 minute shoot.

I guess I did so well in my one on one interview, I was asked to sit in on a panel interview immediately after. This round I was completely unprepared for. However, I was beginning to feel comfortable with how the interviews were being conducted and I was being interviewed with fellow VMUG Leaders, so it wasn’t too bad.

The experience I have talking about myself, my career, and how VMUG influenced my career was an exceptional opportunity for me! I want to thank Brad and VMUG for the opportunity to tell my career story! Thank you!

To view the interview, follow this link:

VMUG – Inspiring Voices Interview
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